Tribune de l’Ambassadeur de France au Japon dans le Japan Times

lire Tribune de l'Ambassadeur dans le Japan Times

Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de France, Philippe FAURE

Article publié à l’occasion du 14 juillet 2009.

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“As countries that respect human rights, France and Japan are working hand in hand at the United Nations to watch over their defense in the world at large, and we are originators of many initiatives in this domain. One subject is an exception : the death penalty. Its growing application in Japan these past several years is something we find regrettable. France abolished it in 1981, like its European partners and like most of the grand democracies today, with the notable exception of Japan and the United States. The European Union as a whole considers the death penalty to be a futile sentence, inhuman and contrary to human rights.
France also lends its voice to the appeals calling on Japan to ratify the Hague Convention on international abductions of children. The question of foreign spouses exercising their parental rights and being deprived of visiting rights todays affects more than 168 children born of American, Canadian, British an French parents, and the pain these fathers experience is quite legitimate.”


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